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Tips for ensuring a successful sale

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE LASTING IMPRESSIONS. When a potential buyer looks at your home, you as the seller must make sure that the buyer’s first impressions are good impressions. We have compiled this list of hints to help you ensure that your home is viewed to its best advantage.

  1. PAINTING: A newly painted home will enhance its saleability.  Be careful to remove any blistered or peeling paint; gutters and wrought iron should receive special attention.
  2. FRONT ENTRANCE: Buyers start looking critically here, so pay special attention and paint, polish, repair and elliminate all flaws.
  3. YARD: An attractive garden is an asset.  A tidy, cared for garden with a neat lawn and flower beds and well tended shrubs is essential.
  4. DRIVEWAY, GARAGE(S), CARPORT: The garage door must be painted and in working order.  The garage should be tidy and grease and oil spots should be cleaned as far as possible.  Don’t use the garage as a store room for junk.  Boats, caravans, trailers, etc. should be stored in the garage or carport.  Get rid of any broken down vehicles that may be cluttering the property.
  5. GARDEN WALLS & FENCES: A damaged or or unsightly wall will make a bad impression.  Repair and paint fences and walls if necessary.
  6. ROOF: Replace broken tiles and repaint badly weathered corrugated roofs.  Remove debris and branches touching the roof and make sure the TV antenna is straight.
  7. PATIOS & STOEPS: Attractive outdoor furniture makes the house more appealing.  Borrow some furniture if necessary.
  8. SWIMMING POOLS: Make sure your pool is sparkling and store pool equipment and chemicals neatly.
  9. WINDOWS: Replace craked or broken window panes.  Burglar proofing should be in good condition.  Curtain rails must be secure and the curtains or drapes clean and properly hung.  While plants near windows can be charming, they should not be allowed to make the interior dark and gloomy.
  10. DOORS: Replace or repair damaged doors.  Door handles and keys visible in the locks are essential so that the buyer can open, shut and lock the doors if he desires privacy.
  11. WALLS: Cracks are not only unsightly but also shake a buyer’s confidence in the quality of the house.  Even if they are only plaster cracks, repair and paint them.
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